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             This home was sold June, 2015.

             1047 East Poplar Street, Prattville AL 36066

             2005 Home, 4 Bedroom, 2 Full Bath, 1955 Living Space

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This house is located in the rapidly growing town of Prattville Alabama, jokingly referred to as "Base Housing North" by Maxwell AFB military, as most newcomers choose to live here.  It is only about 10 miles north of Maxwell and without traffic takes about 13 minutes from the driveway to Kelley gate.  On mornings with heavy traffic it's advisable to leave about 20 minutes early.  Most prefer Prattville for it's lower costs, low crime rate and a commute that avoids Highways 65 and 85. 

The house is located in Brookstone subdivision off of McQeen Smith Road as you can see in the maps below, and is about 3 minutes from a super-Walmart at the corner. We are the second owners of the house (which closed in Sep 2005) after some grandparents sold it to us - you'll see that everything is in excellent condition. The floor plan will reveal that this house has a nice open area in the middle with the kitchen overlooking the living room. All the bedrooms are consolidated to one side of the house with some (thankfully) distance between the kids' rooms and the master bedroom. The master bath has a slightly extended double vanity, tile shower, isolated toilet, and Aquaglass garden bathtub. The second bathroom has a double vanity as well, with pocket door access to the full shower and toilet. 

The phone lines are all Cat5e cable, which means they are also suitable for computer networks. I don't have a home phone, so we use a router to give broadband to all rooms in the house using the central phone/cable box in the bedroom closet.   

The garage door has two remotes and an obstruction sensor. The attic is not a living space but has been paneled with plywood for storage of lightweight items such as empty electronics boxes or seasonal clothing. The garage also has two sets of bike hooks on the ceiling for two adult bicycles. 

The yard has a built-in sprinkler with a timer inside the garage, hooked up to the house water supply (not a well).  Rent includes lawn cutting and edging as well as Scotts lawn fertilizer.  All you have to do is run the sprinkler and look after the flowerbeds which are stone and low maintenance. The back yard is very spacious and agreeably flat - you aren't looking into neighbors' yards and they aren't looking in on you.  There is double gate access on one side, and a single gate on the other, both of which can be locked with combination locks.  The back porch is covered with a small brick area for grilling without the worry of staining the concrete with rust/grease spots.

This house is in the highly acclaimed Daniel Pratt Elementary School district of Prattville, as compared to Prattville Elementary. More information on schools can be found here and here. The local area has a YMCA, movie theater, climate controlled storage, super-walmart, Lowes, and a new strip home to a Target, Petco, Best Buy, and Bass Pro Shop.  Prattville is growing fast!  Please don't hesitate to call with questions - we love this house and know you will too!

The Fine Print

Please see a sample lease (rent in sample may not be accurate).

Rent includes professional lawn service and fertilizer.

As of May 2012, Majors with dependents in this zip code earn a BAH of $1,779, without dependents is $1,422 (see official DoD rates).

For an example of utilities at my other Prattville house look here.


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We finally finished the flower beds out front, putting in 94 bags of egg rock on sheeted plastic to keep the weeds out.  The finished product looks great. We tore down the wooden swing-set.


Attic *

* The attic is not a living space but provides storage for light items such as empty boxes associated with moving.  Tenants are responsible for any/all damages incurred by abuse of this area.


Appliance References:  (Requires Adobe Reader small version 4.05 here)

Paint and appliance Master Specification Sheet

Stove:                                     Use and Care

Microwave:      Quick Specs       Use and Care

Dishwasher:    Warranty            Use and Care

Refrigerator:   Water Filter        Use and Care       

Electric A/C:    Full Manual        Use and Care       

Gas Heating:   Full Manual        Use and Care    

Fireplace:        Install & Ops      Use and Care

Thermostat:    Photo                 Product Brochure

Water Heater: Manufacturer      Use and Care   

Bathtub:         Manufacturer      Rubber mat warning   

New Park 2008

Just five houses to the north, the city has put in a park for the Brookstone subdivision.  It's gone from a bunch of dirt and rock to a nice open field with trees and a walking path.  How well the city will maintain this park is yet to be seen, but it's close and safer than playing in the driveway...

Park Summer 2012

The park still looks great, in fact they've added a small playground.