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             This home was sold March, 2016.

             657 Little Farm Road, Prattville AL 36066

             2005 Home, 3 Bedroom, 2 Full Bath, 1700 Living Space

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This house is located in the rapidly growing town of Prattville Alabama, jokingly referred to as "Base Housing North" by Maxwell AFB military, as most newcomers choose to live here.  It is only about 10 miles north of Maxwell and without traffic takes about 13 minutes from the driveway to Kelley gate.  On mornings with heavy traffic it's advisable to leave about 20 minutes early.  Most prefer Prattville for it's lower costs, low crime rate and a commute that avoids Highways 65 and 85. 

It is located in Highland Ridge off of McQeen Smith Road as you can see in the maps below, and is about 90 seconds from a super-Walmart at the corner.  Nestled up in a cul-de-sac at the back of the subdivision there is no traffic noise and very little civil lighting which makes the sky pretty amazing at night.  Since the house is new, you'll see that everything is in excellent condition. The floor plan will reveal that this house has a nice open area in the middle with the kitchen overlooking the living room, although the breakfast nook is admittedly too small for anything but a dinette set.  Fortunately there is a dining room at the front of the house with a great view over the subdivision.  The master bedroom is great with a tray ceiling and ceiling fan, with an awesome bathroom, garden tub and huge walk in closet (6ft by 11ft!).  The bedrooms are consolidated to one side of the house and accessible through a single hall that houses a computer desk.  The kitchen has all stainless steel appliances, an over-oven microwave, and linoleum floor for easy cleanup.  The bathrooms and foyer on the other hand are ceramic tiled for aesthetics.  The kitchen has a garbage disposal, as well as a cut-off switch for the dishwasher in compliance with Alabama building code.  The fireplace is a gas starter (not gas log), but won't get much use here in the Alabama heat...  in fact you might prefer the community pool (annual fee of $50) with gated access and key, located at the subdivision office.

The phone lines are all Cat5e cable, which means they are also suitable for computer networks. I don't have a home phone, so we used a router to give broadband to all rooms in the house using the central phone/cable box in the bedroom closet.  You'll notice the pre-wiring for a plasma or LCD TV in the living room.  All cabling require to run a flat panel will remain, however a single stud is available for support so don't get too crazy with the mount.  A 42" TV will do great. 

The yard has a built-in sprinkler with a timer inside the garage, hooked up to the house water supply (not a well).  Rent includes lawn cutting and edging as well as Scotts lawn fertilizer.  All you have to do is run the sprinkler and look after the flowerbeds which are lava-rock and low maintenance.  We coated the garage with two coats of grey epoxy paint which is (theoretically) immune to oil staining - the garage looks nice and uniform now, well suited for a workshop, storage or 2 cars.  The garage also has two 220V outlets if you have any high-end power tools for woodworking etc., as well as bike hooks for two adult bicycles.  The garage door has an obstruction sensor to prevent it from closing on, well, you or anything else under it.  The attic is not a living space but over the garage has been paneled with plywood for storage of lightweight items such as empty electronics boxes or seasonal clothing.  On the side of the house there is a utility shed approximately 4ft x 6ft that is available for use if you do have some lawn tools you don't want to clutter the garage with.

This house is in the highly acclaimed Daniel Pratt Elementary School district of Prattville, as compared to Prattville Elementary. More information on schools can be found here and hereThe local area has a YMCA, movie theater, climate controlled storage, super-walmart, Lowes, and a new strip home to a Target, Petco, Best Buy, and Bass Pro Shop.  Prattville is growing fast!  Please don't hesitate to call with questions - we love this house and know you will too!

The Fine Print

Please see a sample lease (rent in sample may not be accurate). 

Rent includes professional lawn service and fertilizer.

As of May 2012, Majors with dependents in this zip code earn a BAH of $1,779, without dependents is $1,422 (see official DoD rates).

Utility costs are available at the bottom of this page, from a 2006 summary.


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House Photos

Note that all the construction behind the house has since been completed.  There is still construction in the northern part of the subdivision, but it's all out of sight.  Also note that the rose bushes have been replaced with tropical plants.

October 2006

Our daughter fell in the rose bushes one too many times so they are gone...  We spent a few hundred bucks to really make under the back porch look a lot better.  With the lawn contract we got rid of the lawnmower and other junk cluttering up the back.  Pictures below:

June 2008

The entire house has been repainted, as well as a new roof and exterior garage lights.

June 2012

The entire house has been repainted.

June 2013

We installed a new air conditioner unit - the Alabama summers are brutal!


Appliance References:  (Requires Adobe Reader small version 4.05 here)

Paint and appliance Master Specification Sheet

Stove:            Quick Specs        Use and Care

Microwave:     Quick Specs        Use and Care

Dishwasher:    Quick Specs        Use and Care

Refrigerator:   Quick Specs        Use and Care        Water Filter

First Alert:      Owners Manual


This chart and graph show the cumulative utility bills paid in 2006 for this house.  A few things to keep in mind are that the air conditioning is electric and the heating is gas, so those two will normally offset each other throughout the year for a relatively constant payment between the two.  Water is the variable, with the lawn sprinkler running off the house system and a timer.  As the lawn is under contract for cutting as well as fertilizer, the only responsibility tenants have is to water it, and that can get expensive during the hot Alabama summer months.  Please plan accordingly.  Note the sprinkler was installed in late August. Garbage pickup is included in the Prattville water bill.  Also to note - I keep 3 computers on, and don't use the gas fireplace. 

The dryer hookup requires the newer 4-prong connection.  If you have an older dryer with the 3-prong connection, you can replace the power cord (Lowes/Home Depot) and it will work just fine.

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