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2005 Kawasaki ZX-10R, $5000 firm with all the accessories below.

This bike has a custom paint job, but was originally red (2005 had red, titanium or green).

It also has an aftermarket IXIL pipe, Xenon headlights with Xentec alloy ballasts, new windscreen, front mirrors, foot pegs, rear turn signals and brake flasher, KN-204 oil filter, Michelin tires.

Passenger seat and extras listed below.

High resolution images are at the bottom!

Bought this bike based on specifications and consumer reviews.  Don't trust me, read for yourself.

Just 370 pounds dry, 148 horsepower at the rear wheel.

2005 ZX-10R Sport Bike Of The Year

2005 ZX-10R Moto USA Review

2005 ZX-10R Owner's Manual

2014 Bill of Sale (Purchase)

Kawasaki ZX-10R Wiki  

Kelley Blue Book Online 

You can't have a bike without all the stuff, so everything here comes with it:

Gmax GM54S Modular Helmet, Flat Black Large 

Bilt Motorcycle Jacket

Joe Rocket Reflective Vest

Noco Genius G750 Trickle Charger

Spare Icon beater helmet with Go-Pro mount

Dowco Guardian Cover and Storage Bag

Standard Passenger Seat

Shipping Crate (if military, this counts as household goods). Includes tie down eyelets but not straps.

Chase Harper 100cm Stealth Tank Bag

Cargo Net (although I use the tank bag)

Spare Xenon bulbs, standard headlight bulbs, wire tubing, etc.

Spare windscreen (looks gold here but it's chrome tint)

Spare mirrors (the new black ones look 10x better)

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Over 50 high resolution pics - keep clicking right - there are nicks and dings, not hiding any imperfections here.


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